Karmbhumi India Limited (Construction of a system)

Karmbhumi India Limited Company is a leading public sector company and its arrangement are based on the shareholding which, in the view of national and international level requirements, youth will be incorporated in such a way that the chances of employment could be generated and they could be motivated to participate in the development of our country. And the area of service of Karmbhumi India Limited Company, including construction, production and real estate is expanding at a rapid pace.

Extension scheme of Karmbhumi India Limited:

Karmbhumi India Ltd has been continuously expanding itself from Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, and presently working in 42 districts of Uttar Pradesh. In the near future, we are planning to expand our services in the other remaining 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh. Thereafter, we will be focussing on to expand our Karmbhumi India Limited Company across 37 states of India and 683 districts. We have finalized its working plan. The company will soon start to work in entire India.

Employment opportunities for youth at the national level:

Karmbhumi India Limited Company is opting for the construction of office and workforce in every district of the India from which employees of the administrative level 683 * 8 = 5,464 and development officer 5,464 * 20 = 1,09,280 are going to be selected. With this, a development officer will select 20 advisors. Whose number of count will be around 1,09,280 * 20 = 21,85,600. And their promotions will be continued thereafter as well.

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Mr. Shiv Karan Karamyoddha

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