When an individual or an organisation gets rewarded by an another company, individual or platform they don’t feel enough satisfaction however when they achieve something for which they have been trying tirelessly, faced so many problems for it but the emotional feeling after achieving it, is bigger than any reward and recognition, the self-realisation of our achievement is a life time award itself. For example an athlete is competing in a world championship completion and by the time he completes the race and on the first position with that sound of his breath the moment he hears the sound of the crowd clapping for him and appreciating him for his victory that same moment he gets the reward which no one else on this earth can give him a self-satisfaction award the happiness is infinite which only he can feel after this even if any platform, person, institution, organisation or the government gives him a medal, prize or not it doesn’t matter for him what matters is his victory his self-satisfaction which he and the other people can also feel.

The biggest award for someone who is working for a motive and when his motive is complete and he is self-satisfied.

For Karmbhumi India ltd any award doesn’t matter whether it’s in form of money or anything else. The completion of his own motive is an award for it and it will be the reason for its complete satisfaction.

1. Our First award for us when Karmbhumi India ltd will be recognised on national level and the people will accept it as a new system in the country
2. When we will have employment opportunities for 2.64 million youths of the nation in karmbhumi India ltd so that the unemployment issue could be resolved a bit.
3. To be known as a big system in the country which can contribute in the development of the nation

If we can do it, karmbhumi India ltd will get its award and there is no other reward as compare to this for us.

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Mr. Shiv Karan Karamyoddha

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Founder & Managing Director