We don’t have anything tangible which we can call our heritage we have thoughts as our heritage. We are not known for our wealth because in this there are so many people and companies who are far better than us we are known for our motive which is not to grow our self as a company we want to grow with our country and countrymen. We are dedicated to provide a better future to our investors and we have been able get so many happy customers and that’s what we count in our asset they give us peace and a motivation that we are going in the right direction. We have customers as our heritage we gave a smile to them by providing them what they invested for that too on time. When it comes to our other business like construction we have not made flats we have made houses apart from bricks cement and money we invested our feelings and gave a house to our customers in which when they live they should be able to enjoy the feeling that they got something better than what they had paid for. There were so many people who started from nothing and came to a level where so many people just imagine to be on that stage and not everyone had a big capital or a backup all they had was a vision and dedication they kept on working achieved their targets by hard work. As we know if your target is to bring change on a higher level they way Gandhi ji, sir Albert Einstein brought then you ll have to fight against the entire world people will question your abilities your they will go against you at some point you might be the only one left to protect and full fill your dream at that point if you don’t give up then no one can stop you.

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Mr. Shiv Karan Karamyoddha

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