What Is Microfinance?

Microfinance alludes to a variety of financial services like loans, investment funds and insurance, which should be accessible for poor business visionaries and entrepreneurs who have no security and wouldn't generally qualify for the standard bank loan. Microloans are given to those who are living in still-developing nations who are working in an various trades, like small shops, transportation Etc. Karmbhumi India ltd (Microfinance Company), believes in using systematic processes, training & technology to simply make sure that we provide best services to our customers.

How Microfinance Helps The Individuals?

lack of basic things poverty is the primary cause of delay in enhancing the financial status of developing nations. A microfinance foundation is an association that offers financial services to low-income populaces. Some usually offer loans, many offers insurance, and other different services to their individuals. An incredible size of organizations is referred as microfinance organizations. They are those that offer credits and other budgetary services to the agents of poor strata of the populace. Microfinance is progressively being considered as the best tool for reducing destitution. Microfinance has played an important role in resolving any hindrance between the formal financial organizations and the rural poor. The Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) gets money related assets from the Banks and other Institutions and provide financial support to the poor people.

Our Work

Karmbhumi India ltd, is one of the best microfinance company in India. We developed it in the mid of 2006 doing different developmental activities as a non-revenue driven entity. All through the hierarchical building process, Karmbhumi India ltd follows two essential standards that are- Innovate and Replicate. Karmbhumi India ltd, throughout these years, has developed its products and services, to make the entire process as effective as expected. This innovation is replicated to its new operational zones with the same vitality and enthusiasm. Throughout the years this principle has helped Karmbhumi India ltd to set up itself as one of the top notch microfinance company in India.

Our Goal

Our Mission in Karmbhumi India ltd (Microfinance Company) is to identify & motivate people in a cost-effective way & provide them the best micro finance services in an efficient & honest way. Karmbhumi India ltd concentrates in understanding the necessities of poor people and formulate better methods for providing services in accordance with their prerequisites, building up the most productive and successful mechanisms to convey fund to poor people. Following are our specific
• Creating opportunities for employment for the jobless, • Developing sustainable communities,
• Evaluating facts, which help people getting rid poverty,
• Training rural poor people with different skills set & enabling them to utilize available resources,
• Providing financial support and services to poor families for productive income generation, & enabling them to reduce poverty.

Board of Directors
Shiv Karan Karmyoddha

Founder & Managing Director

Suryabali Bharti

Member Board of Director's

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