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Citizen announcement letter 2012-13

Our Vision

An internationally competitive, huge financial group that is important for different societies and the pride of India

Our goal-

• As per the aspirations, by providing financial security through product and services, providing safe and secure living standards of all and ensuring resources for economic development and development of the country do.


Our BasicsOur Culture
Custody and EtiquetteEfficiency
Action and InnovationCompatibility
Integrity and TransparencyCollaboration
Quality and ProfitCommitment
Collaboration and RelationDiscipline
Reliability and TrustTo Authorize
Collaboration and RelationSensitivity

Citizen announcement letter 2012-13

We for the society

We will provide financial Security to every investable person in which the backward and financially weak people from the society will be included. According to the changing financial environment we will fulfill the profit and share related needs. By concentrating on society benefits and national priorities we will operate the entire business.

For Our Investors

• We will provide services quick fine and full of integrity
• We will invest their funds and trust to get the best possible benefits for them
• We will operate our business according to strong business rules and most diligence
• We will make strong customer relationships and keep them secure as well
• We will keep informing the customers about our products and services

For our work force:

• We will increase the collaboration spirit and make people part of our success
• We will work for satisfaction and proud spirit in our people
• We will provide a proper environment and growth opportunities which they can earn from their capabilities.
• We will work to increase their business capabilities in order to help them in achieving their work goals in a professional manner.

Standards for Non partial business with the investor

• We will try for a simple and transparent business with our Investors
• We will justify the reasons behind our decisions which will be according to the business rules.
• We will justify the reasons behind our decisions which will be according to the business rules.
• To provide different variations or choices we will keep on increasing our product and services.
• In case if we find any lack in our services we will cancel the interest or we will pay the interest in order to compensate.

Standards for Customers in order to get the information easily

• We make the customers and the public aware about our products, services the verities.
• We will publish our product and services details in the local magazines and other mode like newspapers etc, That too in local language for better understanding of our products to the customers.
• We will get services like call centers, helpline and internet for a better and convenient way for our customers to connect with us.

Standards for investor’s complaints and their resolutions

• We will give opportunity to our investors to meet our Complaints prevention officer on every Monday afternoon without any previous appointment in any of our offices. Apart from Monday if the investor wants to meet the Complaints prevention officer he can book a previous appointment on any other working day
• Every complaint will be registered and we will try to solve it within 15 days in case if we are unable to do so in the given time we will be liable to share the reason with the investor if he request for it.
• The customer will have a right to apply in local or central Claim Review committee for a revaluation of his claim which has been rejected by our board office.

Board of Directors
Shiv Karan Karmyoddha

Founder & Managing Director

Suryabali Bharti

Member Board of Director's

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Mr. Shiv Karan Karamyoddha

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