As we cross the secondary level of education, we start thinking about our professional education and according to us career is the growth in our current post which has been earned by studying the subject or department and the education and experience for that highest post of that department. Our career is based on how we can grow and every professional person has the thinking that while working on a position he will reach to the top position in the organization with his working quality, education and experience.

The post on which the services, respect and pay scale everything is perfect everyone wants to earn that post. In all sectors, all employees if they have the capability and education for it want to reach to the top position.

Any person who works in an educational, mental, physical form in any organization is an employee and without the employees the organization will not run

A company is nothing without its employees if the employees are satisfied with their company they will work hard will be able to full fill their desires and requirements everyone wishes to feed their family and give them a good life some work for themselves they want to see the world but can we all agree on this point that not everyone manages to do whatever they want. A common man’s life starts from a cubical and ends at the same place because the companies are not willing to share the profit with the employees and in today’s world the basic things are so expensive that almost everyone from a middle class family needs to adjust with something either with their children’s education or with their life style they need to maintain the budget and so many educated women become house wife’s because of lack of opportunities or education. In Karmbhumi India ltd our goal is to provide employment to the every deserving person of our country, and we do understand that everyone is not good with the same thing each person on this earth have different qualities and qualifications so what we have here for you as a company is jobs according to your qualification and qualities but this doesn’t mean that we forgot the poor people who are not educated and never got the chance to enhance the skills they had, we are hiring people on agent level as well who just need to meet people and talk to them about our company its products and services if they succeed to involve people in our company which we are very much sure that they will be because of their own face value and the name of our company which they are representing these things will be more than enough to get people connected and this will not only benefit that one agent in form of commissions but it will benefit the person whom they are connecting in form of financial growth and security for them for better understanding we are providing the jobs available with the post and the responsibilities.

Every person wants to earn respect, rank, dignity, high post, maximum income, and this path takes us from the trails of education to the expression of the highest posts of the departments, going through the roads of small, middle posts, for which we go through so many difficulties and for this we start from secondary education till professional education or higher studies we get selected for a post in the organization and after working with dedication and proving our self responsible and honest towards the organization by following the rules of promotion for different positions with hope education and on basis of our education and experience we choose a career in any sector.

In karmbhumi India ltd we have a small post which is from the field as a career which permanent and by going through this post the one can reach to a higher post with his education and ability and can be promoted to DO other higher positions like ZO. In this age of competition nothing easy and nothing is difficult as well but getting and post and by your work getting promotions for other higher positions is a hard task and a few people are able to do this work. To reach the top positions here, working as per directions, attending trainings and train others, continuing to work on our purpose, will take all of us towards the higher career of the workplace. And of course, you will be able to get the highest degree of career or rank. That will make us and our country proud.

Name and responsibilities to fulfill the company's objectives
Designation The post and responsibilities they choose Number of posts below posts Work and goals to be done Posts I Promotion + Salary Increase / Other Features
Zone Officer Zonal Officer should be trained to select the GM of all the states coming in to the zone train them to be goal-oriented, aiming to fulfill all defined business goals. Selecting a GM in at least 5 states and at least 2 selects a maximum of 2 GM in large states With each officer in every state, every office of the company in the state of the cell office and continuous expansion of the company Responsibilities of many zones 10% increase in original salary and other facilities adjustment in the Board of Directors
G.M. GM of the zone should select the GM of the state train them about the product and to achieve the goals decided by the company Each Regional Manager will select the post of a DIVISIONAL MANAGER in at least 3 districts maximum of 5 districts which will be in line with the expansion and area Every GM, with every RM, to build cell offices and continuously expand the company to all its plans in its own State. Promotion of Zone Officer 10% increase in basic salary per year and other facilities
R.M. Selecting all DvMs coming in REGION, training, setting goals, To be more motivated and to fulfill all scheduled business goals Each Regional Manager will select the post of a DIVISIONAL MANAGER in at least 3 districts or 5 districts, which will be in line with the expansion and area. RM will sell all the plans of the company in its circle with all its DVM, making office and continuously expanding the company. Promotion on GM, 10% increase in basic salary per month and other features
Dv.M To target training of all districts coming in DIVISION, aiming to achieve all fixed business goals. Each DIVISIONAL MANAGER will select BM of all the districts that come in its divisions. To make every Dv.M in the cell office with all their BMs and all the company's plans in their districts, continuously expanding the company. 10% increase in basic salary in promotion and other services at RM and other facilities
B.M DISTRICT OFFICE BM should choose DO from all areas in the district, whose number is at least 20, developing development officers, to train them to be targeted, to achieve goal, to fulfill all defined business goals. Each BM district will select at least 20 maximum 100 development officers from all the areas in the district. By specifying the list of large INVERSTERS, each and every BM by itself and all of its DOs, will personally and collectively explain the benefits made by investing in the company and will work for the continued expansion of the company. Promotion on Dv.m 10% increase in basic salary per year and other facilities
D.O DEVELOPMENT OFFICER To select at least 20 ADVISORS out of each DO district or district, impart training to them, aiming to set targets to fulfill all scheduled business goals. Each DO will select at least 20 maximum ADVISORS from all areas of the district To make a list of all types of INVESTORS in all areas of the district by DO and ADVISORS, will personally and collectively inform the beneficiary of having invested in the company and work for continuous expansion of the company. Promotion of BM over 10% increase in basic salary per year and other facilities
ADVISOR Meeting all plans of the company in all areas of the district to come in the meeting for motivation and fulfill the business goals. ADVISORS will sell all the plans of the company from all areas of the country, at least 100 policies will have to be completed within the stipulated time. ADVISORS Make lists of INVESTORS in all areas of your district. Meetings about investment and profit and open 100 accounts of at least 90 days in daily plan After opening the ADVISOR 100 account, it will be promoted to DO and Permanent Pay and other facilities will be available.

These responsibilities will always be the first step towards your growth with the company and we wish you best of luck.

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