Whenever public companies of the country earn profit from any business the common man also gets benefit in the form of thoughts, products or the service tax paid by the company and day by day they manage to maintain and full fill the basic needs and services. The thought here is that when in a country needs to provide services, convenience needs some construction or anything they need to pay taxes and on every product or services provided in the country have taxes applicable on it and the taxes are on the profit not on the actual costing and the taxes are paid by the lower middle and upper class people. The services(Transport, police, judicial system) , construction (road, Highway, rail routes, sea routes) facilities(post office, government schools, government hospitals, Etc) which are either used by a company or by common man to build and run these things the government needs taxes which we all pay but when we talk about some companies which earn a very high business even after paying all these taxes they should have some responsibilities which we call company social responsibilities and every company should give a helping hand to the lower and middle class people to make their daily life a bit more relaxed. We also have some social responsibilities which we all take a oath to full fill whenever we see need of it

Our Social Responsibilities Oath.

1st Oath: Nature is the creator and the destroyer but whenever there is a natural disasters in any part of the country the whole country suffers and in these situations everyone comes in in front to support that particular part we also take an oath that in any kind of natural disasters Karmbhumi India Ltd will step ahead and support the nation at its level best.

2nd Oath : when we talk about basic needs we all know there are three basic needs in a normal human’s life A roof to protect, food to keep him alive and cloth to cover his body and when we talk about these things we have a large number of people in the country who don’t have these things, we get to hear in the news bulletins that these many number of people died in the winters because of cold, these many number of people died because of no food etc. so our second oath is to build shelter homes where the people below poverty line will get food shelter and cloths.

3rd Oath: Education is very much important to build a perfect human and there are so many students who are not able to study just because of lack of money so our third oath is to provide scholarships to some selected deserving and needy students for their bright future

4th Oath: India is a land of farmers and with a heavy heart we all know that in India the farmer who feeds the entire nation is considered as the poorest man kind and in our fourth oath we want to support the farmers as much as we can.

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Mr. Shiv Karan Karamyoddha

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