Since we are studying, we start thinking about a job we think about a post and the salary which we will be getting we can say that we think about working in a system which was built in the past but we never think about creating a system because this is a rare act. people spend their life in making and system but still the system is not complete even at the last stage of their life. they succeed to establish the system they realize that they have done nothing in their life apart from working on their system establishment which makes them feel incomplete and this is the reason why people prefer to do a job instead of creating a system. The people who decide to make a system they spend their life in making it and even their generations dedicate their life in developing it and making it successful in the same way. the employees who are working in the system they also get involved in the system to keep it growing and the system keeps developing.

These systems create huge number of job opportunities and people live their life working in them and to full fill the basic needs of country. money is very important and it can only be emitted after any physical or mental labor. Similarly, in order to fulfill all the requirements in the physical life of the people to fulfill any basic requirements, the country, in which the person has been living, requires a currency of that country. Money can be emitted through work and labor and one needs to work in a system only which has been created by himself or someone else. Systems has to be made by someone even if it was created in the past, has been developed, made yesterday it can be made today and after developing for some time it gets developed. When a system starts developing the work is implemented even if it’s mental or physical against your work or efforts money is generated and that money is used to full fill the basic needs.

We and our human society from any part of the world, gets money after working in any system only and when a system is made the chance of employment increases and if the size of system is small the employment opportunities will also be less.

When the system is national worldwide the job opportunities will be unlimited. And systems cannot be developed in a small time spam it take ages to develop them and slowly-slowly it gets big and makes a reputation on national and international level.

Systems like soldiers on the border communication, transport, finance, energy or factories can only create job opportunities by producing the useful products.

Unemployment will be more in the country where the systems will be less and the population will be more. The educated youth will be more unemployed, their mental and physical labor will not be used. In such a situation, the formation of capital or the creation of capital will be decreasing. So the needs of the people in that country will not be fulfilled. Because they will not have a currency for a good exchange. And that country will not evolve. People living there will be living in desideratum.

In the country with more population where there are more systems as well, the population of educated youth is also used in mental and physical labor, they exchange of money for work, so that they can fulfill every basic need. And in the country, capital is constructed on a large scale. By which the country develops and the people there are prosperous.

In a country where there are more systems, jobs are more in that country. Per capita income is high, they are prosperous and the country develops.

On the contrary, in a country where there is less systems, jobs are less, unemployment is high; there is less income per capita, people there are poor, that country is not moving towards development, and people are living in deficiency of everything.

We want to solve the problem of millions of our country's youths, that is why Karmabhoomi India Limited is originated to generate employment on a large scale in this system, to utilize the mental and physical labor of educated youth, to build currency, so that Their basic needs can be fulfilled and currency can be originated in the country from which the nation can develop. Hence Karmabhoomi India Limited Company was built. In which we will find employment for ourselves and will also provide the path of employment generation for millions of people like us. In this way, by developing the Karmbhumi system, the youth of this country is dedicate to create jobs, build nation and develop the nation.

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