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Karmbhumi India ltd is not just a company it’s a thought from my heart being the Director and Founder of karmbhumi my wish was never to create a company for personal benefits or to make money my wish was to secure a common man’s dreams of having a house and a bright future in terms of money and capital to start any sort of future business and how I was going to do that no one had any knowledge about it one day I went to my mother asked her for some money she gave me 5000 rupees from her pension amount and she said “Be like your father, live for others”. She said these words with tears in her eyes and I know the reason my father lt. Shree Hublal karmyoddha was a freedom fighter and he dedicated his life serving his country and country people. Just because of him we were very well known in the society. I always wanted my-self to be known for my work not for my money or wealth. I was the youngest kid in the family that’s why I was not able to spend so much time with my father but somehow I got all of his habits his thoughts and started thinking like him he gave me this name Shiv karan Karmyoddha and said “Make sure that your name should not only be used to address you it should be to address your work and nature” and since then m working on it. After 70 years of independence the only challenge that our country is being effected by is unemployment and for that I thought about creating a company in which a basic education and a good heart, willing ness to help people in investing there money and trust to achieve their future targets like buying a house, a car, good education for their kids and secured future for the family,if you can think for someone else’s benefit we can proudly say that you are one of those who will be known for his work and will be successful in life.

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Mr. Shiv Karan Karamyoddha

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Founder & Managing Director