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“If challenges makes you feel alive then welcome to karmbhumi india ltd”


There are 7 Billion people in the world but we don’t know them all and humanly it’s not possible as well but If I start giving you some names like Sunder Pichai (CEO Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder of Facebook), Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) or any Bollywood or Hollywood Actor/Actress we will know a lot of things about them. I think we can give a thought about this that why these people are famous, when they all started working they all were normal people like us, they also had abilities like us, so what exactly made them Special and Idol for so many people in the world. There are so many reasons like they are rich they are founder of some big companies or they are good at the things which they do so here comes the other question why they are good with the things which they do and the answer is same for every successful personality on this earth that they were passionate about their work they were some people who removed the words like GIVE UP/ IMPOSSIBLE/NO from their dictionary they choose to live for their work and their dreams they worked hard day and night but not to achieve their goals they worked to change the mindset of the entire world they made people remember their work and their achievements.

Our Motivation

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln said these lines and he never said it for himself only, he said it for the entire world population. These lines are not just meant to be heard or to be said if we concentrate on the world top head people they were never selfish and they were never only behind name fame or money they wanted to do something different but not for them self only because if you eat food you’ll be doing it for yourself only but if you feed someone else you are doing it for the humanity. People will say that why you are working for others because today that person might thank you but after a year if you meet him he might not even recognize you, same thing if you see your own problems like job family career future you’ll be living for yourself only and that’s something which every single person is doing on this earth so where is the difference between you and the rest of the world, you work you earn you get married have kids and you’ll die someday but we don’t think that god sent us to this world for this, if this was the reason then why someone like Mahatma Gandhi left his family his home and started fighting for freedom why someone created airplane, he would have just got a stable job or he would have started a normal business and should have lived happily ever after, Why someone created telephones to connect the world, They were all not mentally retarded they were all not crazy, what they had in their life was a vision to create something which could be beneficial for the world and it’s not like that whatever they thought they did it in the first day it self-there were so many problems as we all know that if you are trying to do something out of the box people will try to stop you, they will do every possible thing to demotivate you. Now the question is on your capability weather you are going to continue or you are going to give up, there is a very common reason behind so many success full inventions or behind so many success full people that they never gave up, yes they failed so many times they also lost hope they struggled so much but one fine day they achieved it because they believed in them self and they knew the key to success which is ‘’Never Give Up”.


If i talk about me and karmbhumi india I started working in sales profile at the age of 19 for an insurance company as a freelancing agent I was doing my studies along with my part time job which was pretty tough I would say because I was not staying with my family I was far away from my home and the most important thing that I was always worried about my career and my future while working for the insurance company I used to meet so many people in a day and in the first month I hardly achieved anything that made me feel bad I was not able to sleep the entire week but after some time I started thinking that why I was not able to sell those policies, I was behind the reason after a self-analysis I found that the problem was not that m not able to convince people I was just not able to find the needs of my clients, I was not able to make a connect I always gave them best plans but never thought weather they can afford it or not my customers were happy with my way of convincing but with an empty pocket they cannot even think about taking those policies so from the next month I changed my point of view of selling policies I switched to find what is beneficial for my clients and what was need of my clients within 2 months I achieved my yearly target got a stable job as an Insurance manager and kept on growing and got promoted 3 times finally got a respected post as a Branch Manager in this journey I realized that working for something is a different thing and being passionate about something is a different thing I got the passion for sales and since that day things became very easy for me targets were not a challenge they turned into steps towards success for me,so this story is not to tell about my self just some thoughts which I feel that they should be shared some people get motivated and some people will find the reason behind my dedication is the another life changing turn came into my lifeafter 4 years when I met Mr. Shiv Karan Karmyoddha the founder or Karmbhumi India ltd a man with values knowledge and I saw a willing ness in him which was not to be rich. His aim in life was to create job opportunities for so many other struggling jobless people like me, he never thought about himself or about his company only he thought about the entire nation he wanted to serve India by creating a company which was BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE FROM THE PEOPLE. This company showed me the path to secure my future and use my skills to grow further along with the company.


Our goal is to give opportunities to the poor/backward/middle class people to grow themselves by planning their investments and securing their future. We focused on finding their needs and fulfilling them with our products like REAL ESTATE (for anyone who wishes to get a roof on their head) MICRO FINANCE (to change their savings into investments and to provide the financial support for their future needs) PRODUCTION (by producing daily use products in affordable prices for the entire nation) CAREERS (by creating job opportunities for every deserving and hardworking personality). Challenges are always there and people and when it comes to these specific words like Sales/Targets most of the people give up or they just start finding excuses. The people who have 1000 excuses for not doing the work or we can say that there reason why they were not able to do the work they are known as failures not because that they didn’t sell anything or they didn’t manage to achieve their target they are failures because they found 1000 excuses for not doing something but they forgot just the one or two simple reasons for which they should have tried or I would say they would have got this thought in their mind that whatever they are doing that’s not their job that is a challenge for them. They didn’t took the challenge they refused because they were scared of losing they were scared of being part of a joke in front of other colleagues but they never thought about the other side of the coin that what if they achieve their target what if they to a tremendous job they achieve much more than their targets what could be the positive things they never saw the bright sun they always see darkness only. But those people who actually knew what they need to do In their life what are their dreams and way to concur their dreams they are listed in the top known personalities in the world here in Karmbhumi if you know what are your dreams what are your skills and you are looking for an organization where you can give your 100% efforts if you have the courage and ambition to change the economic condition of our country as well your own financial benefits then let me tell you this place is for you all.

Growth opportunities in karmbhumi india

If we give our level best for our company we all expect for something in return most of the companies will just give you salary and an annual increment. In karmbhumi as well the process is same but as we say that what’s the benefit if you are like others so in our organization we have created this opportunity of growing yourself by your own work. Apart from salary incentives are there and there is one special thing that is very much exciting that we won’t judge you we will never decide which post you will work on it’s completely up to you. The harder you work the higher you go suppose if you join us as a commission based agent and you are so much good with your work that you managed to get business as well as other agents on your side you will be promoted to the next level which will be with a basic salary and a post you continue with the same motivation and growing further you will reach to different levels like Branch Manager then Divisional Manager after that regional manager and you reach to zonal level where your salary would be more than a lack rupees so if your dream of achieving something is not full filled yet you will keep on working according to your salary and targets you will at least collect 30-40 lack rupees in a year in your target sheet which. Now here comes your biggest opportunity to secure your future as you know our company invests the money into different fields like real estate and production the money which you have collected will also be invested and as you have been a valuable employee for the company our company will give you shares in that particular business if we can give double amount to our customers so it’s easy for us to give you a 5% as well now just think if the investment is 1cr we will give returns to our customers as well and at least save 20lac for us so out of that some amount will be shared with you as well. This is the main benefit for you and rest of the people in the company.

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Mr. Shiv Karan Karamyoddha

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