Cooperation in the workplace: -

In order to operate world-class level systems, human and mechanical powers are required whether it is mental power or physical strength. The man operates all his work from these powers, even the mechanical power is also being operated only by human power. Even today, the use of manpower and mechanical power is being utilized for the operating all the work arrangements, which will in spite be useful for achieving the objectives of the company, in different countries, states, regions, divisions, districts, etc.
For which one major corporate office in the country along with following mentioned offices will be operated that are as follows:-
India's 13 zone offices,
76 Regional Offices,
141 Divisional Offices,
707 district offices,
Branch offices of 3535 districts,
17675 district's sub-brunch offices,
The work will be smoothly executed with the strength of the number of executives operating from the main corporate office to different other offices at different places.
The number of posts in main corporate office will be= 207
Number of Zone Offices will be approximately 13, and the Number of posts in each office will be 37, Therefore the total number of posts in Zonal Offices to be filled will be 13 * 37 = 481,
Number of division officers will be around 141, & number of posts in each office will be 27, so the number of posts generated in division offices will be around 141 * 27 = 3807
Number of offices of the district 707, & Number of posts in each office 21, therefore the Number of posts in the district offices will be equal to 707 * 21 = 14847
The number of Branch in every district will be 50, & 707 will be the total number of district in the country, so the generated number of total branches will be 707 * 50 = 35350
The number of branches is 35350, and the number of posts in each branch will be 11, so the total number of posts on the branches of 35350 * 11 will be equal to 388850
Therefore the company has a commitment to work with 408192 posts.